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It is an honor to present you a unique experience of our Village - Bulian, an ancient village with lots of history background.

This village is considered as a "Lost Kingdom" and "The Land of Curse" but a blessing for outsiders. In fact, many top leaders and important person have come to Bulian Village and pray for a certain blessing while the Bulian people themselves are still living in misery because of the curses.

Not many people know Bulian Village, not even written in most Bali Map because of its isolated location and not much heard about this village.

The village was under a curse for 7 (seven) generations by a holy spirits incarnation (the visible god) because the people did not believe in Him. Now, has been built a temple of the curse named “ PURA BHATARA KATON" and a purification temple called "MAJAGANA TEMPLE" to release and purify the village from all curses in the past. All people in Bulian Village are now expecting a new life with new hopes and dreams to be like the rest of people in Bali.

We offer a Day Experience of Bulian Village to see the kids learn how to dance, The Dragon Fruits Farm, the village, and the people. The package includes Having Dinner with The Village’s Chief - Made Pawitra. He is also a priest and a Local Palm Wine Dance will be performed afterward to get to know our culture and for having fun.



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